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Well recognized and highly acclaimed in the Iranian music market, Kerdouni has worked with the industries biggest stars and created dozens of video hits. Working with international artists and organizations, such as UN, WFP and Sami Yusuf has given Kerdouni the opportunity to produce and film all over the world in countries such as Sri Lanka, Canada, England, Sweden, Germany, Iraq, Egypt, UAE, Jordan, Israel, England and France.
Kerdouni is also very familiar to filming process in the US where he has produced and filmed in cities such as Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, Miami, Washington DC and many more locations there in between. 


At the age of 21, Kerdouni arrived in Southern California and enrolled in Santa Monica College where he developed a passion for photography. Two Years later, 2000, Kerdouni was awarded the 1stplace prize for best photo at the Los Angeles County Fair and had his first CD album phtography & design printed. From that point on, Kerdouni’s career has had a mind of its own.   


Kerdouni have always loved to collaborate with other artists to create. He received his associate in arts degree in photography, which made him capable to understand the behavior and science of light followed by the ART of lighting. 

In 2010 he was hired to direct a music video in New York, when arriving at the scene he realized the producer who also was the executive producer did not hire a DOP and crew as he had promised to do. After finishing the production he felt such a joy of handling every aspect of lighting so he decided to gradually fill in that position himself. Currently he gets hired to work as DOP on big & small project all across US.  






Post Production
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